Report: Vessel grounded at full speed on the breakwater. Was OOW asleep?


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Reported by The Nautical Institute: A vessel was due to arrive at a port in Spain at 0800 local time (LT). It would appear that at about 0600 the vessel contacted the pilot station confirming the ETA and was instructed to contact again some 20 minutes before arrival.
At 07.59 hours, and despite calls from traffic control, the vessel grounded at full speed on the breakwater at the entrance to the port.

A video, taken by surveillance cameras, shows ‘live’ the sequence of the grounding, and needs no comment.

The vessel had a crew of seven, with only two watchkeeping officers, master, and chief officer. While ISM, ISPS, GPS and all the other gadgetry are extremely useful for safer navigation, it is my humble opinion that adequate manning is a must to avoid such cases. In this particular incident, the chief officer was alone on the bridge at the time of the incident.

Report via: Mars Report

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