Video: How This Ship Handles Seas Loaded With Icebergs


The Ocean Endeavour is sailing toward a famous glacier near the Arctic town of Ilulissat. It’s a route packed with dangerous icebergs, giving the ship’s sonar and radar a tough workout.

The pressure is on bulk freighter Algoma Equinox as she nears the end of her first full season on the Great Lakes. Her captain is hoping to squeeze in one more trip of deliveries before the seaway’s winter shutdown, but a faulty pump and the notorious “Gales of November” have other ideas. Follow this Mighty Ship through brutal weather and tight quarters as she carries 30,000-tons of grain and iron ore across four of the five Great Lakes, through a massive series of canals, and into some very angry weather.

Facts about The Ocean Endeavour

MS Ocean Endeavour is a cruise ship. She operated as Konstantin Simonov in the Baltic sea from construction, undergoing a refit in 1988. From 1996 to 2001, the ship operated as Francesca in the Mediterranean sea. Until 2010, the ship was owned by Israeli Mano Cruise (after a refit in 2001) and operated in the eastern Mediterranean sea under the name The Iris, during which time it was registered in Malta. The ship was refitted again and joined Kristina Cruises as Kristina Katarina in late 2010, taking over as flagship from the much smaller Kristina Regina.  On 8 January 2014, the ship was sold and renamed Ocean Endeavour.

Video Source: Smithsonian channel.

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