Greek shipping company appoints first woman as Chief Engineer


Τhe first woman First Engineer in a merchant ship was entrusted from Hellenic Seaways, as announced earlier the previous month. The company, playing a leading role in coastal shipping in Greece, shows with actions that it offers equal opportunities to all its employees, a feature which is part of its corporate culture.

Hellenic Seaways is pioneering not only on the services and the contemporary fleet, but also on the evolution of its personnel, breaking obsolete stereotypes and overturning the data in the male-dominated world of coastal shipping, paving the way for the industry.

Theano Sileloglou belongs to the human resources of Hellenic Seaways since 2010, where she began her career as a C Engineer on the ship “Nissos Mykonos”. Gradually, her skills as well as her overall contribution to the company appeared to be recognized through her first promotion to B Engineer in 2013. The company entrusted Theano Sileloglou offering her a key position in the field by upgrading her last March to A Engineer.

This is undoubtedly a positive development for the issue of equal opportunities in the business environment. It is well known that the shipping industry is historically a highly male-dominated industry. This ‘tradition’, which has survived over the years, is gradually reshaping. Practices such as Hellenic Seaways and initiatives such as the International Maritime Organization for the Inclusion of Women in Shipping are catalytically contributing to the rapprochement of this issue and the creation of an environment where career development in the maritime professions will not depend on the gender, giving the example in the coastal sector.

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