Finland: Cargo ship in distress tugged safely to port of Tallinn


The operation aiming to rescue a cargo ship in the Gulf of Finland, which started on Thursday afternoon, has now been completed. The ship’s owners concluded a towage contract late last night, and a commercial operator tugged the ship to the port of Tallinn during the night.

Once the towage contract was in place, the Finnish rescue crews left the cargo ship. The other SAR units were also stood down, excluding patrol vessel Tursas, pollution control vessel Halli, and the Estonian patrol vessel Kindral Kurvits, which provided backup for the tugging operation.

The maritime rescue operation lasted around 48 hours in total. During this time, units from the Border Guard, the Defence Forces, Kymenlaakso rescue services, Helsinki rescue services, Arctia Oy and the Estonian Police and Border Guard (PPA) took part in the operation or were standing by.

The Border Guard received the first notification of the incident on 8 March at 12:41. Reportedly, several metres of water had leaked into the engine room of a cargo shipping sailing to St Petersburg. As the incident unfolded, water also leaked into one of the cargo compartments. Pumping equipment was used to drain the cargo compartment, and the leak between the engine room and the cargo hold was stopped. No oil leaked from the ship into the sea at any stage. The cargo ship had a crew of 22, who were not in immediate danger at any time.

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